The Future of Transportation: Super Cars

Everyone wants to have a look at the exciting future of vehicles/cars. From concept supercars to cars of the future that do not even require steering wheels; let’s have a look at some of the cars we might get to see soon.

Self-Driving Supercars

Self Driving

Audi Aicon – No steering wheel. No pedals. There’s only space and freedom. An all-electric vehicle, this new Audi concept supercar has top edge technology and it is equipped with Level-5 autonomy – no driver needed for this car. There are only the interior seats where you can just relax or do whatever you like until you get to your destination. The Audi supercar doesn’t need long-distance headlights and it utilizes radar and lasers for direction. According to Audi the Aicon is a beacon pointing the way into the automotive future.

Self Driving Super Cars

Icona Nucleus – Another vehicle that does not need a driver is the Icona Nucleus -Level 5 fully autonomous. This vehicle operates without human interaction – just give it the directions for the destination and it’s good to go. This car’s interior is comfortable and can accommodate up to six passengers. There’s no dash or steering wheel and has a table that allows passengers to work en route.


Renault (Model EZ-GO) – When we think of supercars, the images that come to mind are the futuristic designs and unrealistic proportions. This concept car is somewhat different but cool nonetheless. Renault presents EZ-GO, the robot taxi, with a design that is currently gaining a name as a ‘socially responsible’ vehicle. It can accommodate six people and is essentially an Uber vehicle with no driver.

super cars

Lagonda Vision  – From Aston Martin, the Lagonda Vision Concept is Level 4 autonomous. It can drive itself, but you can also take control of the wheel when you feel like it. It also has a dual-function steering wheel – can be used for either left-hand or right-hand driving. When using the autonomous mode, it can retract completely, giving the front seat riders the option to rotate at 180 degrees – so they can have face-to-face interaction with the back-seat passengers.

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