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How to do Smokey Eyes Makeup Like A Pro?

smokey eyes

Smokey eyes are known for their best and perfect blending. It is like playing with the shades and creating a masterpiece. But not everywhere and with all dresses smokey eyes look good. You should about the dressing and event before going for smokey eyes. It is quite tough to blend the shades perfectly but we are here to help you out.


5 Steps to Do Smokey Eyes Makeup

We are sharing some steps to guide you about how to do a smokey eye. It’s all about the art of your hand to focus on it when you are applying makeup.

Smokey Eyes Makeup

Step 1

Start with a primer, apply it on your eye for a longer and smoother look. Begin contouring to set the base of your smokey eyes. Try to balance the skin tone and to cover discoloration and dark circles through the concealer.

Step 2

Chose the color you want to apply. Mostly dark and black shades are used for smokey eyes. Now start applying carefully to the outer corner and into the creases without smudging.

Step 3

Now comes the tough part. Start spreading and blending the applied shades until lines are gone. You can balance the intensity according to your color combo and choice.

Step 4

Now apply the eyeliner nearer to the line of lashes and do it clean and rough. Now comes the harder part. Smudge the liner and blend it with the eye shadow which you applied first. The liner step can be done to your crease also to n=enhance the look.

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