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Evolution of Nails Art Ideas in the Beauty Industry

Every woman wants to look beautiful from top to toe that’s why she embellishes herself with beautiful and stylish clothes, by applying makeup, and through making hairstyles. She invents new techniques to look pretty and nail art ideas are one of those techniques.

Do you know About Nails Art?

Nail art involves the creative procedure of painting, adorning, and embellishing the nails. The nail art industry has been drastically flourishing nowadays and many nail art ideas and accessories are evolved.

Tools in Traditional Nails Art Ideas


For enhancing the beauty of nails, women apply a mixture of monomer liquid and polymer powder on the nails which is known as acrylic.

Nail Gel

It is a little bit similar to acrylic. The gel is applied to nails and preserved under an ultraviolet or LED light. It hardens the nail after drying.

Nail Polish

It is one of the ancient techniques of nail art ideas. It is a type of varnish which is used to enhance the beauty of the nails.

Tools in Modern Nails Art Ideas


It is the easiest tool for modern nail art. An adherent is given on the back of stickers. These are applied on dry nail paint and a top coat of transparent nail polish is applied after it.

Nails Art Ideas

Dotting Tool

As shown by the name that it is used for making designs by creating the dots. This tool is comprised of one thick and one thin head.

Nail art Ideas

Sprinkle Beads

The small metal or glass beads are used to beautify your nail art. They give a glamorous look to your nails.

Nail Art Ideas

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