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How to Cut Correctly 10 Fruits and Vegetables

To be a great cook it is necessary to be creative and to be able to make entertaining and tasty dishes, but also an important part of the process is to know how to master the techniques. According to professionals, the key is to use the right knives and to know some cutting tips. It may sound a bit crazy, but studies have consistently shown that the way you cut fruits and vegetables can really make a big difference, and not only in the way food looks and tastes but also in the way you do it. The nutrients are absorbed by the body.

Learning to cut the right way is one of the main steps to cook, that’s why here we leave an explanatory video for 36 fruits and vegetables and so little by little you start to master this art and also save a lot of time!

Do not forget that practice makes perfect!

1. Cherry tomatoes.

This trick involves two dishes and will basically impress you with its simplicity.

2. Onion.

Here chef Gordon Ramsay shows you the secret to cutting onions without crying.

3. Avocado (avocado).

Here you will learn how to cut the avocado perfectly and without wasting anything.

4. Mushrooms

Do it fast and perfect with these simple tips.

5. Watermelon.

Cutting this fruit may seem very difficult, but in reality, it is very easy to achieve perfect squares.

6. Eggplant.

This is Martha Stewart’s guide to cutting the eggplant in many different ways.

7. Handle

Here is the way to cut a mango without losing anything.

8. Paprika

Here is how to cut the paprika into perfect slices.

9. Cucumber

How to quickly cut a cucumber, courtesy of Jamie Oliver.

10. Strawberries.

You’ll love this super easy trick to cut perfectly sliced ​​strawberries.

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