Hack You, Denim! 8 Life Hacking for Denim

How to clean and wash denim, as well as stylishly turn it up and tear? All the tricks of the most versatile material in this review.

Layfkhaki confirms that knowledge, it turns out, is not only power but also saving time and money. With the help of useful and simple life hacks known to us – a set of techniques in the form of sensible tips and tricky tricks for “hacking” reality and simplifying the achievement of goals – we taught you how to get ready for work in the morning faster , how to travel light and solve such banal, but pressing issues like pills, overfilled wardrobe with clothes and broken zippers.

Today, a new appetizing and useful portion of life hacking will be devoted to denim – a universal and all-season material, which, as we learned a long time ago, faithfully serves not only jeans.

  1. To prevent jeans and any other denim clothing from sitting down after washing, do not use hot machine dryers for them, use a softening rinse and dry away from direct heat sources: in the summer – from the sun, in the winter – from batteries.

  2. Think tuck jeans – easy science? Not at all, because there are several types of doorways and they differ not only depending on the cut of jeans, and the chosen shoes.

The more elegant the shoes, the thinner the inversion should be, and the freer the jeans model and the denser the denim, the wider the inversion can be.


  1. Relevant to those who regularly make purchases in online stores: you ordered a coveted pair of jeans, and it sits perfectly, except a small flaw – the waist is not tight to the body, and the whole sense of beauty is spoiled. You can, of course, find a tailor or atelier … or you can take a wide elastic band yourself and sew it back on the back of your jeans. Voila!

  2. Lightning on jeans went right in the middle of the day – for high-waisted jeans, in which you can’t hide and hide the zipper, this will be a real suicide, and for you – the key to a spoiled mood. If there are a needle and thread nearby, then you are saved. The first thing you need to return the zipper in place: to do this, remove one or two teeth at the bottom of the zipper and insert the slider back. Now fasten the zipper to the end, and even above the teeth removed, make a few stitches of thread, so that they “stop” the zipper and allow you to unbutton your fly.

  3. A sudden hole in jeans or denim shorts is no problem at all! We turn it into designer tatters, using not a scissors and a brick, as in a school, but a razor and a crochet hook — the first will make neat cuts, and the second will help pull the threads and fluff the holes to make them look more natural.

  1. If you left a stain on the jeans from wax or gum marks, then do not rush to wash the dirt in the water, but simply put the jeans for a few hours in the freezer and the dirt will disappear by itself. The same applies to road dirt or drops, which are especially relevant in the winter, in the slush. Allow the contamination to dry and then walk on it with a dry thick cloth.

  1. Are you still washing your jeans? Then we go to you! DL1961 brand specializing in denim presented the world’s first pair of jeans, the material of which is capable of destroying odor-provoking bacteria, which means that if you have not stepped into a puddle and have not spilled yogurt on yourself, then you don’t need to wash these jeans …

    1. By the way, some minds close to the design of clothes believe that it is better not to wash out denim, but … freeze. So they keep their shape longer, do not fade and look fresh (really ?!). Should you put jeans on one shelf of the freezer with pizza and fries – you decide, and we just give advice!

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