Save Time and Space with These Folding Techniques

A lot of people tend to leave laundered clothes everywhere – on the bed, the floor, or sometimes, draped over a chair – places where clothes do not belong. Learning how to fold clothes properly is important. With these folding techniques, it will be easier to keep clothes wrinkle-free and the house clean and tidy.

Folding Techniques

Perfect Folding Techniques for Shirts

This is the easiest way of folding shirts. It’s best for short-sleeved shirts, but can also be used for long-sleeved shirts.

  • Place the shirt with the front-facing up on the flat surface
  • Keep the arms together by folding the shirt vertically in half
  • Fold the sleeves towards the shirt’s back
  • Let the shirt hem touch the neck part by folding it horizontally
  • Flatten the shirt for a neat fold

Another method for folding shirts is this one that is commonly used in retail shops. This folding technique takes some practice to get right. But, if you got a lot of shirts that look similar, this makes it easier to tell them apart.

  • Hold the shirt in front of you by the shoulders between forefinger and thumb.
  • Use your spare fingers to fold the sleeves back.
  • Fold it in half horizontally so that the hem touches the neck. Then smooth.

Folding Techniques

Folding Techniques for Pants – You Need to Know

Fold pants without a crease – this can be used for anything from jeans to khakis.

  • Begin this folding technique by holding the pants in front of you
  • Then fold the pants vertically – the front part inside
  • Fold the legs halfway up meeting the waist
  • Fold again until you got a neat square fold and one back pocket on top.

This is a technique for folding creased trousers. These pants should be folded in such a way that the crease, not the seam is in front.

  • Hold the pants from the cuffs and make sure that the pant’s crease stays in front.
  • Fold the legs together going up to the knee part, letting the waistline and hem touch.
  • Fold again so the knee part is on top, touching the waistline.


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