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5 Best Hairstyles for Long Hair

5. French Twisted Side Braid:

Things You Need:

  • Hair elastic
  • Fancy hairpin

How to Style:

  • Part hair slightly off to one side, your preference, and begin with your hair combed out to detangle any knot
  • Near the part line, pickup two sections of hair and begin French twisting one piece over the other, with each time you cross the strands, make sure to add in some hair from the bottom into the front piece.
  • Continue this technique, in step #2, as you work your way down the hair linen next to your face
  • When you get down to just right behind your ear, stop twisting the hair, and swoop all the remaining hair from the other side over your shoulder and add it into the bad of the twist
  • Then, divide the hair into three even sections and begin a regular 3 strand braid
  • Continue braiding until you run out of hair and secure with an elastic
  • Add hair spray if desired.

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