20 Tricks to Cook Eggs that You have to Know if You Love them. It will Make Your Mornings Easier

The egg is the star of the mornings, it is the favorite ingredient of many to make breakfast and it complements very well with toasted bread with butter and a coffee. If you love to eat eggs we give you these tricks that will bring you more diversity and make your breakfasts easier.

1. Eggs without oil

The chef Daniel Patterson brings a version without oil and very healthy to consume eggs in the morning. You just need to beat an egg and throw it in boiling water.

2. Yellow eggs

According to the Insider website, all you need is a long-sleeved shirt (or long pants) and a few rubber bands. You put the egg in the center of the sleeve of the shirt and secure it with a few rubber bands. Then turn.

3. Omelet express

A quick omelet, just enough to oil a cup, put the eggs, beat them and take them to the microwave.

4. Eggs for several guests

Take your tray of muffins and add an egg to each space and put them in the oven.

5. Egg waffles

If you have a waffle maker add a little oil and simply beat an egg and it comes out like a waffle shape.

6. If you want to eat only clear

With a plastic bottle, you can take out the yolks and store them.

7. Cook them in your coffee maker

If you did not have the time to eat breakfast you can use the coffee maker from work and quickly make hard-boiled eggs. Just put the eggs in the coffee maker and cover them with hot water. Wait a few minutes for them to cook.

8. To know if the eggs are bad

You only need a glass of water.


If you feel romantic here is a simple trick to turn hard-boiled eggs into hearts.

10. Some simple and fast tortillas

Take a tray put your eggs beaten with salt and put in the oven. With a short cookie mold, a perfect circle and you will have simple and perfect tortillas.

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